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Monday, May 23, 2011

agak bz la saye lately nih..huhuhu bkn stakat ngan order je, mcm2..tu yg x sempat nk hapdate blog nih! ok, last week my neighbor order apam bluebeery for her dotter nye besday..nk anto ke skolah kate nye..hehehe saye pon tepikir la nk buat polkadot..fofr kids memg comel la kn..hehehe nk share sket pic nye ye!

so gebus...

sgt comel bila da siap! syg plak nk mkn..

okeh, for those who interested nk order this polkadots apam, let me know yea! heeeeee

sausage rolls..

Thursday, May 19, 2011

been a week not updating anything no? penat nye x terkata when we when for holiday cum attending course( for my hubby laa..) last order for last week was from shikin, she ordered mini sausage rolls for her son's bday party! sori, couldn't join da party..

sausage roll yg gebus...

50 pcs in da box

 k la, ade cter lg n pic nk update..but in da next n3 laa...hehehe

cuppies oh cuppies..

Sunday, May 8, 2011

alhamdulillah i managed to finished orders on last friday..both moist choc cuppies ordered by my hubby's friend > ain..n oso my friend > pijah. thanks a lot to both of u.ok. let share their cuppies pic yea!

a gift from ain to her besties engagement..

for pijah's mom bday..hepi bday to u auntie!

okeh, next week i nk tutup oven la jap kn..hehehe vacation time! time school olidey nnti order bederet..almaklum la musim org kawen..will update soon k!

upon sale...

Sunday, May 1, 2011

alhamdulillah i managed to finished all orders upon da sale's week.. some of them were cuppies, swiss rolls, n oso choc moist cakes..this week oso got order for engagement ceremony! hope will come out with brilliant idea yea! hehehehe ok peeps, enjoy da outcome here!

choc moist cake for my bestie's friend..thnx to wieda n ari!

this cuppies was ordered by wieda oso for her farewell give away!

close up sket..hehehe

blueberry n strawberry swiss roll....for my lovly cuzin!

ok laa, will update on next n3 yea! ari2 duk buat swiss roll..cam nk nanges je tgk swiss roll nih! hehehehehe

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