.: Pricing:.

Cakes - all in 8 inch size (round)

i) blueberry cheese cake - rm60
ii) Chocolate Moist with choc ganache frosting - rm45
iii) marble choc cheese cake with choc ganache frosting - rm50
iv) carrot cake with cream cheese frosting - rm50

v) red velvet with cream cheese frosting - rm50
vi) butter cake with butter cream frosting - rm50
vii) plain marble cake - rm35
viii) chiffon cake (pandan, vanilla, orange, mocha, blueberry) - rm15

Brownies - 10 inch (square)

marble cheese brownies - rm45
walnut choc brownies - rm40
choc chip brownies - rm40
plain brownies - rm35
marble cheese + walnut brownies - rm50
marble cheese + choc chip brownies - rm50

swiss roll

1 pc rm10.00
mini me!

mini blueberry cheese cake 40 pcs - rm65


choc chip muffin - rm30 for 40 pcs
vanilla with blueberry filling - rm30 for 40 pcs


butter cream frosting
minimum order is 16 pcs - rm40
25 pcs - rm62

fondant cuppies
minimum order is 16 pcs - rm60
25 pcs - rm95
*price will change due to design that requested.

moist choc
orange with poppy seed
*for any filling additional, please add rm5 for each set of order.
filling available: blueberry, strawberry, kiwi, orange n custard.

mini tartlets

cheese tart - 1 set of 36 pcs rm30
topping available:
* blueberry
* chocolate
* strawberry
* kiwi

fruits tart - 1 set of 36 pcs rm35
fruits available: 
* kiwi
* strawberry
* grapes
* peach 
* mix fruits - additional rm5

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