hepi besday friend!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

hehe my friend's besday is today! hepi besday to didie..she is my ex-schoolmate actually. did received call from her sister (kak cik) on last tuesday asking me to bake a blueberry cheese cake with sponge cake base! wwoohhooo!!! but...sedih yg amat la baking besday kek si didie ni..3x buat sponge kek x menjadik! dunno what happen to oven me??? agak nye sponge cake merajuk ngan i kot?? lastly, try ler resepi yg di olah sendiri from chiffon cake nye resepi..yaabbeeddaabeedooo!!! menjadik!!! ini ler hasil nye..

sori kakcik, not enough to put kak teh at da bottom..huhuhu

blueberry cheese cake!

ok, tomorrow gonna bake brownies plak ye..for my buddy raisha n mr ucop...hehehehe

most lazy weekend!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

aaddooii laaa..last weekend was da most lazy wkend! tapi, dlm malas2 tu, accept gak order from my ex schoolmate, malek! he had ordered marble cheese brownies..hehehe terliiur nye la nengok brownies mamat nih..sib baik kuat kn iman,..kalo x, double bake la jwb nye!! cenggini la rupe marble cheese brownies tu..tp malek punye x sempat nk snap..huhuhuhu

waaa..lame nye x mkn!

fresh from oven nih..hehehe

anyway, 2morrow ade order lg..i have to bake 2 cakes 2morrow..wwweehhhooo!!!! makcik bz la esok..


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Last weekend was so bz with da cake orders from my buddies n oso my hubby's cuzzen! started baking from early morning on friday till sunday! what amazing days..huhuhu now, i got da 'bahana'! hehehehe..demam, selsema, n batuk yg x baik2..sgt la x bext ok!

blueberry cheese cake ordered by didie! thanks darling..

Cheese cake day..3 days in a row i baked da cheese cake! from whole cheese cake to mini cheese cake!

mini blueberry cheese cake ordered by kak ina..thanks a lot! pic b4 put da filling..hehehe

taadaaa...da siap pon mini blueberry cheese cake!!

After done baking those blueberry cheese cake, i baked choc layered cheese cake for uncle ucop! raisha's hubby..he is a chocoholic person! hahahaha really hope he enjoys da cake! unfortunately, lupe nk snap da pic laa...huhuhu next time, i will post da pic yea!

Super Duper Great Weekend

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

On last saturday, we managed to have our luvly dotter's birthday bash party..it was awesome coz most of our invitations were there! the party had been started at 3 until 5pm. as usual, my luvly sisters help me to prepare da foods n also my in laws..2 days b4 da day, i baked da birthday cake which was choc cheese layered cake n alsoooo mini cheese cake for our guests. but, unfortunately, i totally forgot to snap those cute cheese cake pic.huhuhuhu..lets enjoy da pics of da party!

most of our foods were here..got more n more n more..

kids were singing da birthday song

besday girl with her 'abah'

besday cake...da choc cheese layer cake!

she's really enjoy da party n these are the pressies...

On the next day, all of us felt like dah tercabut kaki..penat sgt2 weh! huhuhuu whatever it is, we really thanks to all our friends, siblings, relatives that made da party awesome!! mmuuaaahhhhh XOXO

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