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Friday, June 10, 2011

sorry morry la lately xdan nk update any latest orders or story..a bit bz n lazy..kalo penyakit malas tu da dtg, memg xde sape la yg bole tolong kn?? ok, mls nk bebel pnjang2..last week received order from our cuzin..she wanted to give away da cuppies for her friend's solemnization day..not juz cuppies but oso cream caramel! penat x terkata la kan..luckily my in laws were here..ade gak la org main ngan athirah! if not, memang x tido la siap kan those cuppies + cream caramel kan..enjoy da pics!

~purple theme with juicy orange flavor~

~ baby blue theme~

~super oreo mario flavor~

lupe plak, sume skali cuppies ni 200 pcs..memg krem gak la tgn ni kan..huhuhu

~very berry strawberry flavor~

~orange theme~

~very berry strawberry + super oreo mario flavor~

and ade lg nih..cream caramel plak!

200 pcs of cream caramel

ok, next n3 will update on fondant cuppies plak ye! tggu....


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